STUDIO Q BRAND LAB 2020 – Present

SQBL is committed to making meaningful work.  

That’s why we were thrilled for the opportunity to invest our team and resources in the success of RE/MAX Europe, the largest residential real estate franchise network on the continent. Since early spring 2020, in collaboration with the avid RE/MAX Europe marketing team, we are creating solutions to sharpen the  RE/MAX Europe brand positioning and support them in further strengthening offline & online brand communication. Along the way, we created a compelling set of illustrations and key visuals to help RE/MAX Europe inform, educate, and inspire the network and their end clients. So far our collaboration with RE/MAX Europe can be described throughout the two major sections: Visualizing REMAX's corporate social and environmental responsibility and their contribution to the well-being of the communities and society they affect and on which they depend. To help them raise their voice on these globally important topics, we created numerous social media visuals like "International Women's Day", "Cancer Awareness Month", "Earth Day", etc.  Supporting RE/MAX Europe in conveying the impressive amount of knowledge and experience to their constantly growing network, wrapped up in a series of online & offline education campaigns, webinars, workshops, etc. For each of these education materials we created its own look&feel, logo, key visual, or set of illustrations & infographics.

What we've done here

Brand Guidelines
Brand Communication
Print materials \ Illustration \ Infographics
Motion Graphics
Promotional videos