feichtinger ring CONFIGURATOR

STUDIO Q BRAND LAB 2016 – 2017

For Feichtinger, one of Austria‘s largest jewelery retailers, we conceived, designed and programmed a high-performance interactive sales tool in order to benefit from the global customization trend: a 3D wedding ring configurator for their web shop. Countless options are available for customers to personalize their rings  – even an individual engraving can be tried. The playful approach increases the purchase probability. Of course, future couples can also share images of the rings they design on social media – and thus generate perfect free advertising for Feichtinger. One remarkable feature is that the rings are rendered in real time in the browser as 3D models and can be rotated and viewed from all sides. Since the Web GL technology that was used was still very new at the time of development, a lot of work of our Code Q Web Factory development team was spent to explore the possibilities and optimize the speed. The result is a configurator that works even on mobile phones with real-time 3D renderings of over 140 basic models in thousands of different forms.


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