STUDIO Q BRAND LAB 2019 - Present

We were hired to rebrand the Austrian-German Family Hotels Group, which stood out from the competition in terms of first-class childcare and wellness facilities, but not enough in terms of communication. We advised to opt for the strategy to establish a new subcategory within the family hotel category – premium family hotels – and become not only the brand that best represents it, but the label of the new subcategory. Thus, we created the brand name Familux Resorts

The brand promise – to enable parents to relax and have some precious me-time, feeling good that their children receive the finest care – was summarized in the tagline “Bring your kids, find yourself.” We created a logo that shows the initials F and R with hand-drawn lines, and which can change its appearance depending on its application – for example, to identify individual areas in the resorts. Our agency was tasked with the complete implementation of the new brand, from brand book to hotel accessories, way-finding system, advertising, magazines and websites to employer branding measures.

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