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successful brands follow R³=YEAH!

Relevance × Resonance × Resilience = Yeah!

successful BRANDS HAVE RELEVANCE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES, because they mean something to them.   

successful BRANDS TRULY RESONATE WITH THEIR TARGET GROUPS, because they satisfy emotional needs.

successful BRANDS ARE RESILIENT TO COPE WITH CHANGE in an ever-evolving market.

We distill what’s essential in your brand’s DNA & make your AUDIENCE say yeah!

In a structured process we conduct research and workshops to help you define your brand strategy and positioning. To create future-proof brands, we build systems that clearly organise your products, services or sub-brands in a meaningful brand architecture. From there we take it into the experiential realm and shape all the aspects that characterise your brand and allow it to connect with its target audience: its own charismatic personality, its name, tagline and messaging.


Are you starting a new business and want to do everything right from the get go?

Is your company undergoing major changes and you need to reevaluate your brand identity?

do you have trouble defining what makes your brand unique?

does your brand experience match your promise?

Do you find yourself competing too much on price?

are your employees true ambassadors of your brand?

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What we deliver

Brand Strategy


Brand architecture

Brand Identity

Brand promise

Brand values

Brand personality



Naming & Wording

Brand name



Brand story

Our branding process

With a systematic and well-proven branding process, we ensure to arrive at the best result – one that meets your requirements as well as the expectations of the market. On the way, we employ tried-and-tested tools such as structured workshops and proprietary evaluation mechanisms. Years of experience help us to avoid exploring each and every dead end, but to identify the most promising route to the desired goal early on, saving time and costs.

Case Studies

Familux Resorts Rebranding

Familux Resorts

Rebranding of the world’s first and only premium hotel group catering exclusively to families with children – including a new brand name, tagline and design.


Compera Brand Design


A comprehensive rebranding of the tarif comparison portal that sharpened its positioning and helped to attract new target audiences.


Elektrobiker Quest

ELektrobiker Quest

We helped to launch a new premium e-bike – and got a few design awards for the project.


Hotel Kaiserhof Branding & Website

Hotel Kaiserhof Vienna & Kitzbühel

The rebranding of the hotels, steeped in tradition, yielded impressive results – among them, a significant increase of website conversions.


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