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Our design Formula: Sofc+F+C=RIGHT ON!

stand out from the crowd + flexibility + coherence 

TO be able to cut through the clutter and to connect to its audience, a successful brand has to stand out from the crowd. 

static design systems are a thing of the past – a future-proof brand design needs flexibility TO STAY AHEAD OF THE GAME .

whether a brand appears on the web, in print or in moving images – with coherence we ensure it always feels the same.

YOUR Audience WILL say RIGHT ON!

First impressions matter—but often, first impressions are not only visual, but also involve sound, motion or haptics. From logo through imagery to materiality, we define all brand assets to allow your brand to communicate effectively and consistently aross all touchpoints. We design brands that evoke the right emotions with the right target audience and deliver measurable results to your bottom line.


Does your brand stand out in its market and attract the right target audience?

do you need to integrate products or sub-brands into a consistent design system?

Are you going through a merger or repositioning and need to redefine your visual identity?

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What we Deliver

Brand design & Corporate Design

Logo system
Visual language

Imagery & illustrations


User experience & Interface design

Customer journey mapping

Website concept
User experience design
Website design

Motion & Sound Design 

Logo animation
Motion design system

Animated videos

Audio logo
Music branding

Guidelines & Implementation

Brand guidelines & design manuals 

Brand asset & image libraries

Print, social media & video templates

Staff trainings

Production management

Our branding process

With a systematic and well-proven branding process, we ensure to arrive at the best result – one that meets your requirements as well as the expectations of the market. On the way, we employ tried-and-tested tools such as structured workshops and proprietary evaluation mechanisms. Years of experience help us to avoid exploring each and every dead end, but to identify the most promising route to the desired goal early on, saving time and costs.

Case Studies

Familux Resorts Rebranding

Familux Resorts

Rebranding of the world’s first and only premium hotel group catering exclusively to families with children – including a new brand name, tagline and design.


Hotel Das Central Brand Design & Website

Das Central

The revamped look & feel and the new website for the five star hospitality gem in Tyrol emphasises the unique atmosphere of the place.


Compera Brand Design


A comprehensive rebranding of the tarif comparison portal that sharpened its positioning and helped to attract new target audiences.


Hotel Kaiserhof Branding & Website

Hotel Kaiserhof Vienna & Kitzbühel

The rebranding of the hotels, steeped in tradition, yielded impressive results – among them, a significant increase of website conversions.


Lower Austria

Lower Austria

We re-designed the destination brand of the province of Lower Austria – and raised the brand profile on the German market through a campaign.


Die Presse Edition

Die Presse Edition

For one of Austria’s leading publishing houses, we branded a collection of premium products, created exclusively  for their subscribers.


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